Conway – live in Buffalo NY

It’s Getting Spooky… Conway
Live in Buffalo New York… AK.Reed Films


#NEWS – Skiti Malone performs Sunday June 28th @ The Flat’s



Skiti Malone a hip hop artist out of Brooklyn that has many influences such as Stack Bundles, Michael Jackson Frank Sinatra Sam Cooke and you can hear some of those styles in his music. He is currently working on his 4th mixtape called “underground King” which will be released sometime this summer. He is starting his own record label n management company. He has a bunch of music online that seems to be catching the interest of lots of people. Whenever u have the time make sure u check him out on YouTube or soundcloud. He will be dropping an album later this year so u will def be seeing n hearing a lot of this artist. Spread the word and support his music.
He will be performing songs off his upcoming mixtape. The show will be held at the flat in Williamsburg on June 28. It will be a nice environment with drinks and great people come out and support.

Tragedy Khadafi ft: Fame (of M.O.P.) – “Stand Up”

Tragedy Khadafi releases his 10th Studio Album “Pre Magnum Opus” Today via 25 to Life Aura.

Pre Magnum Opus features: Fame (of M.O.P.), Royal Flush, Foul Monday, Meyhem Lauren, Audible Doctor etc.

“This is an appetizer for the Fans leading up to Magnum Opus Album dropping in 2015”

-Tragedy Khadafi

U-NYCE – Performs 2 Weeks Notice at Cream Lounge

U-NYCE – Performs “2 Weeks Notice” at Cream Ultra Lounge in ATL for #ATLBEATBATTLE

shot/edited by CISETV Films for CISETV MultiMedia

Download #2wn available at

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