Lord Jamar – on Troy Ave Being Out on Bail & Consequences of Snitching

Lord Jamar came by to talk with VladTV about Troy Ave out on $500,000 bail, Bobby Shurmda not being able to make bail due to various charges, how the morals of the streets are different now, and plenty more. Vlad talked about how the issue with Troy Ave’s case is that no one is coming forward with and identifying the shooter and Lord Jamar had plenty to say on the subject. “Somebody taught him not to talk under any circumstances, not a lot of people have moral and codes..just the discipline it takes to stick [to] your guns is something you don’t see anymore…”

Lord Jamar talked with us about how the streets aren’t like they use to be. “It’s easy to do the weak thing, and it’s hard to do the strong thing.” In regards to taking care of your people when they went to jail, Lord Jamar spoke about how back in the day when someone went down their family would be taken care of, but it’s not like that anymore. “Your man’s would make sure your good…they gonna make sure you got money on the books, your girl and your seed and all of that, their rent it paid… You don’t snitch because your peoples gonna hold you down…at some point, I don’t know how that part got cut out.” He explained how the police are offering more of a reward these days for people to snitch. “We’re living in a different time.”

Lord Jamar also talked about taking a different route from the crime scene with rap, but how it’s almost impossible for the youth to do the same when they’re funneled towards the crime life. “A high number of inner city youth are forced to do some sort of illegal thing, even if it’s just hoping the f**king train to get to work, or whatever..” He explained how people are forced into the situation to make money, and they don’t see a way out.

When asked his thoughts on those in the wealthier tax bracket Lord Jamar explained how those like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have “blood on their hands.” “We go and Deforest, a whole f**cking forest in the name of good business yet that deforestation directly led to people losing their natural homes. You f**cked up the ecosystem…everything connects all this money sh*t the biggest business motherfuckers they’re not clean, trust me something they did something that helped kill people.”


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