SUPER: RZA & Paul Banks

When we connected with RZA and Paul Banks to discuss their genre-bending Anything But Words album, we couldn’t help but do a SUPER… episode with them. After all, they initially bonded over their love of films and chess so we had to take the opportunity for them to mastermind their own short film about their lives as superheroes.

As Banks and Steelz, they transform from MIB suits into Under Armour fits to fight the mold monster and its toxoplasmosis that attack women… in their lady parts. RZA takes a page out of Tony Starks’ book by setting up their HQ in a spacious Malibu home, but he goes one step further by placing it on top of a pyramid. You can watch the very detailed SUPER… episode above to learn more about their superpowers (spoiler alert: one of them comes from Edge of Tomorrow) and the misfortune RZA suffers from after kissing “like 20 girls.”

Illustration by Hectah


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