Lord Jamar – on Troy Ave Shooting: It’s Real Ni**a Sh*t, But Legally He’s Fu**ed

Lord Jamar recently sat down with VladTV to discuss Troy Ave’s involvement in the shooting at Irving Plaza last month, and the Brand Nubian rapper said that there is a possibility Troy could come out of the situation as a hero. He explained that if stories about Troy retaliating and grabbing the gun after he was shot along with his bodyguard are true, Lord Jamar said he was just abiding by street rules. However, he added that if Troy grabbed the gun and chased after the shooter, he’s probably screwed from a legal standpoint.

During the conversation Lord Jamar also spoke about people being overly sensitive about bullying on the Internet, as he revealed that he had to grow a thicker skin after his online interviews went viral. He then added that people hate on the Internet just for the sake of hating, but Lord Jamar points out that words do have power behind them.

Check out more of what Lord Jamar had to say during the above interview, including how he thinks Troy Ave could become a legend if he can get off on the shooting charges.


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