Music: @IamYoungLotto ‘Gotta Go Get It’ s/o @iamfentz / @enew901

young lotto

If you are looking for some new music check this out. ReddCity Music Group Presents Young Lotto’s New Single “Gotta Go Get It”

More On Young Lotto: “Always go for the best and never settle for mediocre.”- Young Lotto
Abimelech Maffett, better known as “Lotto” was born on April 8th 1987 in Miami, Florida. Raised by a single mother, he quickly realized the perils of growing up on the dark streets of Miami that increased the level difficult imparted on his mother to raise him and his siblings. As a result, Lotto became determined to make the most of out what life provided; he learned to use his environment to channel his focus and skills to provide a quality life for his family.
By the time he was a teenager, Young and his family relocated to Miramar, FL; once there he met several friends and formed the group known as Mzone. While still in the streets of Miami & Miramar, school was not one of his major priorities; at least that’s what he thought. He wanted a way to make money fast. While engaging in delinquencies, envisioning this as the way to the good life, he was ended up getting arrested and sentenced to four years in prison. While doing his time in prison, he realized that the life he was living only had two outcomes; one that he was already experiencing and the other everyone fears.
Influenced by the likes of Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, and T.I., he began to write lyrics pertaining to his life and what he foresaw for a prosperous future. Seeing this as a potential ticket out the hood for himself and his family, he decided he would go by Young Lotto and his dream of pursuing a career in entertainment began. When he was released in 2011, he headed straight for the booth with Don Son from MZone, getting right down to business. While creating music and shooting videos he linked up with Chris, Vice president of Iconz Music. Chris saw in him the talent needed to be successful in the industry and began mentoring his career. Young Lotto worked alongside Gorilla Tek and other elite producers out of Miami and Broward County. While developing as an artist, he managed to make business relationships with local DJs, empowering his street buzz in South Florida.
Lotto is currently signed to ReddCity Music Group, ran by successful music and film mogul, JC ‘Fentz’ Louis, formely from Iconz Music along with co-owners, Jimmy and James.


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