Remy Ma & Fat Joe – Talk Ending Beef, Success of “All The Way Up”

Remy Ma and Fat Joe are back in the forefront with their new hit, “All The Way Up,” and the two rappers spoke about the success of the track and so much more during an exclusive interview with VladTV.
We took it all the way back to when they first met during the sit-down, and Remy explained that she first linked up with Fat Joe after Big Pun picked her up at her projects to go shoot a music video with Jennifer Lopez when Remy was still in high school. She explained that they were together everyday after that, and following Big Pun’s death Remy said it didn’t feel right to be a part of any crew other than Terror Squad.

While things were good for a while, Terror Squad eventually split up and Remy had a falling out with Fat Joe, which she explained started to happen after she started going through complications with her label. The “Conceited” rapper explained that she was young and naive to the music industry, so when he label didn’t ship out enough copies of her debut album, she was mad at everyone, including Joe.
Remy then shared how she got in contact with Joe while she was serving time in prison, and after she was released they linked up in person and squashed their past beef. To hear more about the reunion and new music, hit the above clip.


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