Lil Duval – Interview: Talks Katt Williams, Rihanna Treating Men Like Hoes, Amber Rose & More

While in the studio he also discussed:

Paying for all his family and friends to go see his new movie so that he can watch them all laughing at his performance. “It was cool to do it with your family.”
The reason why he was crying on Snapchat while out in a club. “I was just happy…I was looking at all the creatures [people]….that used to be me…I came out of this, I was thankful.
His day one boy Lil Hen and how he’s ready to shoot at any time including at schools.
He also weighs in on Katt Williams and his erratic behavior + he would he do if a 17-year-old were to attack him like it happened to Katt. “He’s our generation of Rick James…this been Kat, ya just realizing this because of social media.
Wether or not Kat is a waste of talent because of his crazy behavior.
That one time Duval wrestled a girl, which he calls three rednecks jumping him. “It was three girls.”
Meet The Blacks being “straight independent from a dude with a couple hundred thousand dollars.”
Coming for celebrities on Instagram and that one time he was “picking on” reality star/singer Teairra Marí.
People going on ‘Love & Hip Hop’ because they really need the money and how different cities have
Going back and forth with Amber Rose over her slut-walk, how she was representing it and her doing it for her own personal reason.
Wether or not he was shading Fetty Wap’s baby mamma, Masika Kalysha.
Rihanna acting like a man and treating her men like “hoes.”
Plus much more.
Meet The Blacks is in theaters now.


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