Curren$y & Sledgren – Revolver


A musical narrative picture from film-maker CJ Wallis, @fortyfps, adapted from 6 new raps written by Atlantic/Jet Life Recording artist @CurrenSy_Spitta over original production from Taylor Gang’s own @ImSledgren.

The film co-stars JetLife members DJ Duffey, Cornerboy P, Mr Marcelo and Mousa Hamdan and T.Y., Young Juvie & Lil Soulja Slim.

Narration by Fiend4DaMoney

Written & Directed by CJ Wallis
Produced by CJ Wallis & Mousa Hamdan

Sound Design & Mix by CJ Wallis
Mix & Master by Adam Vee

01:14 | Everyday Thangs (Instrumental)
05:17 | Papers
08:38 | Scanners
11:33 | N.F.A.C
17:14 | Money On The Floor
19:58 | Running
21:59 | Everyday Thangs

14:34 | Revolver Score by CJ Wallis


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