The Purist & Westside Gunn – Roses Are Red.. So Is Blood (EP)


WestSide Gunn: Roses are Red…. And So is Blood is artpiece I created wit the mind frame of me being locked up writing bars while I lay on a cot it gives u that laid back feeling but still aware of the dangerous settings. The Title to me means nothing in the world is perfect dont be kaught up in the illusion because everything that may seem one way might be the total opposite everybody shit stinks. The kolor Red is so beautiful its my favorite kolor but just as it represents beauty it also represents pain, death, struggle……

All tracks produced by The Purist for Brixton Briefcase
All tracks mixed by the Purist @ The Bognor Embassy / Prashant Mistry @ Engine Ears
Art Direction – Mr Krum
Additional Pro Tools – The Purist
Mastered By Chris Hill @ Platinum Sound


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