Sheek Louch – on the Music Industry: They Put an Age Limit on Rap

In this exclusive clip Sheek Louch discusses working with Diddy, the mogul’s work ethic before he became one, and authenticity in hip-hop. In regards to Diddy’s latest mixtape MMM, Sheek was unable to get on it due to his conflicted tour dates. “Yo Sheek, I called you first before anybody to get on this s**t,” Diddy told him. “I definitely wanted to get on that project and I support it and salute it, but I just been [sic] running around like crazy,” he explained to DJ Vlad.

After touching on ghostwriting in different genres, Sheek Louch went on to discuss the differences between rap and rock stars. Elite rock-n-roll stars usually continue to perform until they are no longer able to, “but they put an age limit on rap ’cause they wanted to f**king get rid of it,” according to Sheek. “First they thought it was gonna be some overnight s**t, so since it wasn’t they made it like ‘it has to be young boy s**t or don’t do it no more.’ it’s crazy…It’s no need to stop if you better than them [sic] young n***as. Facts.”


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