Sheek Louch – Reminisces on The Lox’s History: Creating D-Block, The Fight in Boston + Biggest Regret


We had a legend in the building today on Sway in the Morning. Sheek Louch of the undeniable LOX hung out with us and talked about it all.

Although, he made a solo project, Silverback Gorilla 2, he’s still very much involved in The Lox and their label, D-Block. In fact, when it comes to business, he admits to being one of the charismatic charmers, while the closer of deals is Jadakiss.

While in-studio with us, he also opened up about the wildest city, and what really went down at the big rumble during the Ruff Ryder/ Cash Money tour in Boston.

Watch above as he digs deep in Sway’s Mystery Sack and answers 3 personal questions; Worst place to have sex? Has he ever doubted God? Biggest regret in the limelight.-


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